New clients to our studio will first of all undergo a DISCOUNTED TRIAL session whereby our physiotherapists and movement specialists will assess your posture and movement through a series of carefully selected exercises. Our unique Discovery Pilates program has consistently produced significant results in terms of how clients feel and look, leaving them feeling lighter, longer, leaner and happier every session! 

Book your trial session at a time that is convenient for you and our professional physiotherapists and movement specialists will advise you accordingly thereafter. A full session is 55 mins. Bring with you exercise attire and a pair of socks and be prepared to experience a NEW you!

What are your operating hours?


Monday to Thursday

7am - 1pm (Last appointment 12pm)

5pm - 9pm (Last appointment 8pm)

Friday to Sunday

7am to 4pm (Last appointment 3pm).

To book your session please contact us at 03 2856 7767 or 012 5480 284 (Whatsapps Only).

Discovery signature private package 4

New clients will complete our compulsory signature Starter Private Package 4 sessions before entering group classes. Our unique program, systematically designed by founder and director Keath Low is a safe program suitable for all levels. The program is not only especially effective in combating back, shoulder and neck pains, it also produces speedy progress in just a short period of time. Try for yourself to experience the transformation.   

Private or Group?

After completing the starter package and upon approval from the teacher, clients may decide to attend private/group or both (!) classes.

Private classes are arranged at your convenience (subject to availability).

Group classes are scheduled on:

  • Monday @ 9am, 10am, 11am, 8pm
  • Tuesday @ 7am, 9am, 10am, 8pm
  • Wednesday @ 9am, 10am, 5pm, 8pm
  • Thursday @ 9am, 10am, 8pm
  • Friday @ 7am, 9am, 3pm
  • Saturday @ 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm
  • Sunday @ 8am, 9am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm

We work as a team at Discovery Pilates Studio to teach our signature programs. You will receive the same quality teaching from all teachers while at the same time experience their own distinctive styles. We reserve the right to substitute teachers without any prior notice.

Specialised classes


Pilates is great to eliminate backaches often experienced by expectant mothers who have to deal with the extra weight. It also prepares you for motherhood building strong arms and legs to handle the baby, prams, bags etc! Finally Pilates will also help you to shed off the extra pounds you may have put on during pregnancy. Our team of physiotherapists will also give you a thorough assessment of the condition diastasis recti occured often post pregnancy and often associated with incontinence and pelvic floor issues.  


We want you to enjoy your golden years whereby you have the freedom to manage daily activities without aches and pains. Through Pilates with us you shall enjoy an improved confidence in your balance, strength and movement.  Pilates is safe, gentle and most appropriate form of exercise for senior citizens. It's never too late to start!


No treatment for musculoskeletal issues is complete without a systematic exercise program. Discovery signature program is effective in treating modern aches and pains by activating weak muscles and releasing overactive muscles through application of bio mechanic principles and utilization of specialized Pilates equipment. 


We love the TRX! We begin by building strong foundation before slowly progressing to more dynamic exercises. Expect a sweaty and fun workout where you will tone and burn. Classes are catered for all levels of fitness. So don't be afraid but do be prepared to work!


Excellent class to burn calories and make you sweat! Combined with a healthy diet, it's an ideal class for weight loss and toning. Be prepared to pant! Classes are catered for all levels of fitness. So don't be afraid but do be prepared to work!


Balance your higher impact classes with a gentler class to relax the body, mind and soul. Paired with soothing music this is a heavenly class to do at least once a week to return your body to optimal level.


Joseph Pilates was a sickly child and thus he dedicated his life into improving his physical strength. Among the many exercise regimes he studied were gymnastics and circus. Many of the exercise repertoire he developed included performing acrobats on the Trapeze Table in mid-air. These are fun and challenging exercises at times rarely performed. But fret not, under the guidance of our experienced instructors you will be brought to the edge of your capabilities. Successfully performing these exercises will boost your confidence and develop a new you.


Apart from gymnastics and the circus, Joseph Pilates was also a professional boxer. Thus Pilates was not for the faint-hearted, it  was designed by a man for men.  Nonetheless it has been largely embraced by women. More and more people of both sexes have however benefited from this wonderful exercise regime. We include boxing sessions in our Pilates sessions too to add variety and dynamics to your workout. Regular boxing sessions will improve your coordination, self-defence skills, overall strength and cardiovascular endurance. Plus it's so much fun!      


Sharing many similarities,  Pilates is a great combination to Yoga. With our wonderfully designed machines, many of the more complex Yoga moves can be better assisted or enhanced. Expect many exercise variations to aid or challenge you. Enjoy the power of breath to experience 'the ultimate bliss and well-being'. 


Pilates form the right foundation for dynamic activities needed for weight loss. After bringing your body to a more optimal level through our 'healing and restoring' phase we strive to push your limits through our 'discover and fulfill your potential' phase. We have a variety of exercises and equipment to challenge you and keep your workout new and refreshing. You shall feel refreshed yet challenged at the end of the session!