We are proud to be the authorised training centre for Balanced Body.

Balanced Body has been a leader in the Pilates industry since 1976 manufacturing beautiful equipment we see today combining state-of-the-art engineering, materials and technology with a modern understanding of human biomechanics. Throughout the years Balanced Body has forged strong partnerships with the world’s leading Pilates educators, both classical and contemporary. They actively promote and nurture relationships that bring high-quality education to the fitness industry and the medical community, the athletic community and to Pilates enthusiasts. Balanced Body provides Pilates instructor training and continuing education opportunities that are stimulating, personal and deeply rooted in the art and science of movement.

Discovery Pilates Studio is proud to share its vision. The faculty trainer is Keath Low.

Keath has been training clients as a Pilates teacher for  10 years. He holds a degree in Psychology from University of Stirling, UK. After graduating he pursued performing arts involving himself in theatre and movement. He discovered Pilates following advice from a dance teacher who thought that it would be a a good career move. He holds Pilates certifications from Polestar Pilates and Balanced Body as well as Yoga certification from Yogaworks, US. He is also trained in Gyrokinesis® and Gyrotonic® . He worked at Sky Pilates, Singapore for 3 years before deciding to take a pay cut, returning to Malaysia to share the benefits of Pilates with fellow Malaysians. He enjoys teaching Pilates and seeing the improvement in his clients and believes that there is much to be done in movement education. Discovery Pilates Health Program is a Pilates program designed by Keath that has been effective in combating daily aches and pains, improving posture and energy level, providing solid foundation for first-time exercisers as well as enhancing athletic performance. His mission is to continue educating the public on good movement and healthy lifestyle so we may all enjoy healthy and happy lives. He believes strongly in Joseph Pilates teaching" the first requisite in happiness is physical happiness".