Today is my 3rd session here, and I absolutely love it. I had different instructor each session but each of the instructor/physiotherapist had been very professional. They have been so encouraging and positive. After every session I feel so recharged and energized, despite having a long day at work. Not only I feel better physically but also mentally. Each time I go there I experience new things and overcome more challenges. Before coming to Discovery I tried many different Pilates studios but never really did it feel right for my body. So I’m happy to have found Discovery because not only am I just doing Pilates but I am also understanding my body better, thanks to the instructors. Not forgetting the beautiful space which I fell in love with even by browsing through the websites.
— Atia, Modern Dance Lecturer. 29 December 2017
I had a stroke in January 2017. I had difficulty walking and had to use a walking stick. I have been doing Pilates at Discovery Pilates for the last 8 months. Pilates has helped me with my movement. Now I don’t have to use a walking stick anymore.

I highly recommend Pilates for those who have the same problem like me.

It will help you to improve your overall body strength, balance and movement.
— Dato Amli, 11 December 2017
I enjoyed the session very much love it!
— Yee Wei, 10 December 2017
WhatsApp Image 2017-12-06 at 18.30.54.jpeg
Amir’s forward head posture corrected in just an hour with Discovery Pilates by Keath signature program. Look how much taller he looks!

Well done Amir!
WhatsApp Image 2017-12-06 at 14.05.02.jpeg
Client’s Scoliosis condition improved in just an hour with Physiotherapist and Pilates teacher Aina using Discovery Pilates by Keath signature program.
Yezz...Cassidy gv my body a gr8 workout 2day...feels 25 again!
— Zaihan 9 Aug 2017
I had a great experience with Discovery Pilates. It was an important, useful and very pleasant part of my life in Kuala Lumpur. I enjoyed Pilates sessions very much. Exercising Pilates turned out to be exactly what I needed with my style of life working in the office (lack of movement, a lot of work in front of the computer etc...). Since I started Pilates around 2 years ago, I can say that I feel much better. My posture has visibly improved and I feel taller. I got rid of my shoulder and lower back pain. I also improved my strength and flexibility. Exercising Pilates regularly was a real pleasure for me, because after each session I felt refreshed and invigorated and it gave me more energy to complete my daily tasks. Generally, I felt lighter and happier. I also would like to say that all of the coaches in Discovery Pilates Studio are professional and they do a great job. Thank you and wish you all the best.
— Monika K, Polish expatriate 17 July 2017
Great class and environment with experienced physiotherapist and the Pilates equipment, feeling relaxed after the stretching.
— Chee Sing Yee, 6 June 2017
Dear Keath Low

I would like to express my personal gratitude to you and your professional team at Pilates Studio. With your help, I was able to achieve my two (2) personal goals within one month: conquer Menara KL during KL Tower International Towerthon challenge and complete Standard Chartered Halp Marathon (21.1 KM).

My lower back was injured a month before the major competitions. I suffered severe pain, which caused me to consider to cancel my participation in both events. But with the help of professional instructors at Pilates studio: Naz, Aina and Katarina who guided me to the recovery and made sure that I will be fit to perform during the challenges. I built my strength, gained flexibility to balance my body. I was able to accomplish my personal goals.

Thank you Pilates studio for your help, advice, guidance and support. Two (2) medals were secured within 2 weeks!
— Elena Shvets, Renosun. 27 May 2017
Hi team Discovery Pilates

I wanted to thank you for the amazing couple of months at your studio.

It is a friendly environment and a great place to learn and improve.

I enjoyed the small classes which meant all the instructors can take extra care of us.

My main instructor was Katarina and I want to thank her especially for pushing me to become better at Pilates. I had some hip problems when I started but the care from Katarina helped it get stronger. She made me do moves I didn’t think my body could do.

I loved coming there and I will truly miss the studio. I am sad to leave Malaysia cause it meant I had to leave you behind.

All the best!
— Kim Oosthuizen, 9 April 2017
I feel great! Nice instructor, lovely people and ambience.
— Nur Nabila, 16 March 2017
After a good shower, my back had never felt so good... a bit of soreness but no sharp pain anymore....dancing in the shower.
— Zaihan, 13 March 2017
The lady instructors are young but knowledgeable, and always ready to explain anatomy and moves to me.
— Justine Chew, 9 March 2017
Amazing instructor! Really had a good workout!
— Foo Lee Sha, 1 March 2017
Been going to Discovery for a few months now, Keath and his team of physiotherapy-trained instructors are excellent, the Pilates reformer classes and physiotherapy sessions really helped me a lot in hip injury recovery and strength building. The ambience is also cozy and welcoming! Keep it up!
— Esther Teo, 20 January 2017
Amazing instructor! Really had a good workout!
— Foo Lee Sha, 22 February 2017
By using the reformer machines, the training works effectively on our core. The group lessons are held in small group, about 6 pax, conducted with care and details. A Japanese teacher is also available.
— Mitsuyo Iijima, Japanese expatriate, 14 February 2017
Due to the issues that I have with my knees, I am always on the lookout for a low impact workout that is effective yet gentle on my knees and I am happy to have discovered Discovery Pilates Studio (no pun intended) :) Although I have done mat pilates before, I find that the reformer that they have at the studio really makes a big difference. It provides a more challenging strength and endurance workout while helping to reduce the amount of physical stress experienced on my knees. Come and try it for yourself.
— Musyrifah Malek, Conveyancing Lawyer. Adam Bachek & Associates, 17 January 2017
Thoroughly enjoyed my class with Katarina, she worked me hard challenging my body with machines, I really found it beneficial. Thank you Katarina.
— Gill Glass, 9 January 2017
I started Pilates as a means of recovery from a leg injury. I am now hooked on reformer classes @ Discovery. It’s great for posture, core workout, strengthening without weights and best of all after every class I feel super relaxed!
— Patricia Ratnam. 18 December 2016
Lovely and friendly instructors. Modern and cozy studio. Best decision I’ve made this year joining Pilates in this studio!
— - Darren Linggie Lawrence, 19 years old student. 4 October 2016
Jávais mal au dos et depuis que je fais des pilates, je suis impressionnée de voir commentmon corps sést assoupli e je me sens beaucoup mieux.

Je me suis vraiment tonifiée rapidement et durablement en prenant 1 á 2 sessions privées par semaine chez Discovery Pilates Studio á Kuala Lumpur.

I had back pain and since I started Pilates, I am really impressed to see how my body became more flexible and how better my condition is.

My body became more toned in a short period of time by having 2 private sessions at Discovery Pilates Studio Kuala Lumpur.
— Maria Gomez, Expatriate. 15 August 2016

I want to thank Keath Low and Discovery Pilates Studio for the amazing expertise in healing with my knee.

2 days ago I restarted my run and had a sharp pain on my right knee after just 3 km. Took the joy out of running.

Keath treated me yesterday, and he didn’t lay a single finger on my trigger pain site (unlike the usual way of direct massage that I am so accustomed to) but rather he treated me through the power of observation.

He noticed from the moment I walked into the studio, my right leg was in constant external rotation and hence I was walking like a duck! Which will exert more pressure on my knee.

Long story short, he reconditioned my muscles and strengthen other areas and taught me how to be less duckish.

I’m proud to say today I did 4.5km with NO PAIN.
— Dr. Aly bin Alias Stephen Nah, Hair Restoration Doctor. 22 July 2016
I was suffering from upper back and shoulder ache and decided to give the 30-min session a shot. Little did I know in under 30 mins, the pain was gone! I managed to hit the gym right after the session, feeling stronger and more flexible.

The staff were extremely friendly and helpful as well, passionate about delivering quality.

I can only think of a ton of benefits for doing Pilates such as teaching good posture, eliminating pains and aiding towards having a healthy life.
— Sean Ng, Creative Director and Founder of Gramophone Studios. 21 June 2016
Dear Keath,

My 86 year-old father, Dr Mohamed Yunus, had been complaining of lower back pain for several weeks. He had tried several different remedies, such as using an infrared heat lamp, yoga, medication and finally resorted to wearing a corset under his clothes to help with the pain, all these to no avail. He was very upset as he is normally an active man. His back pain would even keep him up at night.

Intially he was skeptical that Pilates would help he had been to a chiropractor and he thought that Pilates was similar and would be of no help either.

After the very first session at your studio with Eman, he came out of the room with a big smile waving his hands in the air, demonstrating how ‘loose and free’ his back felt.

Later that night, he called me to thank me as he said it was the first time in weeks that he was comfortable enough to observe his normal prayers. He no longer had to sit on a chair when praying, but could sit comfortably on his prayer mat.

Now that he has had 4 private sessions of Pilates and Physiotherapy at Discovery Pilates Studio, he is extremely happy and has booked his next trip to China and has plans to go to Melbourne in July.

Thank you very much for your services, Keath. You have given my father mobility again which is extremely important and dear to him. I would highly recommend your studio to the elderly, young and the young at heart.
— Dr Fauziah Mohamed Yunus, Klinik Pergigian Fauziah. 9 June 2016
Awesome can for once be an under-rated superlative to describe my experience at Discovery Pilates Studio. From the moment I entered and until I’m back home, all I could think and talk about was the excellence of your studio and service, which I would take this opportunity to thank you for it. I must admit that before coming to your studio, Pilates was never a serious thought in my mind. I am glad that this has all changed. What impressed me the most was the ability of your centre and yourself to functionally identify my ailing pains, and not just to relieve it, but more importantly to educate me how to make an effort to improve it further. The results are clinically astounding and impressive even for someone like me who is from a medical background. Thank you for helping me discover happiness through the alleviation of pain.
— Dr Aly Alias Stephen Nah, Hair Restoration Doctor. 9 September 2015
I will definitely recommend Discovery Pilates Studio for its services and benefits you will gain once you join. Firstly, the ambience of the studio itself. Location is very good with ample free parking. As you entered, it is not like previous centres I went too. The studio is very nicely decorated. Secondly, Discovery Pilates Studio teachers. Besides awesome Keath, there are 2 more teachers, Yoko and Eman. They are all superb! They push me to go beyond what I thought was my limit. Thirdly, the Pilates workout. It took away all my body aches. It fixed my posture which helped me with my seating and sleeping positions. I even breathe better nowadays. Pilates helped me a lot with my outdoor activities. I enjoyed hiking and my evening walks better now. And I can plank! - the right way. My upper body strength has improved.
Fourthly, I enjoy my group sessions with my girlfriends. I look forward for my early Saturday morning classes with Sarah & Jurainah. And I made new friends too!
— Aida Ariffin, World Discovery Travel (M) Sdn Bhd. 28 August 2015
After just 30 minutes, not only my pain diminished, I was also standing straighter, and I could feel relief in my body. I was so impressed to see such a dramatic difference that I decided to sign up straightaway.
— Jean-Paul Valdes, Business Coach. 30 June 2015
Discovery Pilates Studio has been a true find in the middle of a busy city like KL and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to bring more balance and refinement into their fitness routine.

I was new to Pilates when I began sessions at Discovery Pilates Studio and these sessions have altered the root cause of various aches and pains and they tailored a plan to strengthen my core while building a foundation to lessen such aches and pains. It never ceased to amaze me how I would walk away from a Pilates session with all my muscles and joints feeling so invigorated and refreshed.

A specific issue which my instructors identified and worked to resolve was split abdominal muscles following pregnancy. I cannot stress enough how amazing they were in providing me with the right exercises and instruction to heal my abdominals. Pilates really is a must for any woman following pregnancy and I intend to recommend it to all pregnant women I know.

Discovery Pilates Studio is a friendly and professional establishment. The merits of the Pilates instruction at this studio are monumental and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new approach to fitness.
— Elizabeth Long 14 June 2016
I was suffering from neck pain for the last 2.5 months. I tried several remedies like exercise, yoga, stretching, ointments and balms, but couldn’t find relief. However since the time I visited your centre, my pain has greatly subsided. Due to my hectic and stressful schedule, I have also not been getting enough rest. I was feeling very tired and lethargic most of the time. A visit to the spa would make me relaxed for some time but would not give me a cure. I really thank you for the wonderful Pilates session which seems to have done wonders with my back, shoulder and neck pains. Moreover I feel rejuvenated completely. I must compliment you for managing such a clean, professional and well-equipped Pilates studio in the most prominent part of Kuala Lumpur. I really would love to visit your place again and again. It is a highly recommended destination for all. I wish to thank all members of Discovery Pilates Studio for making my visit and treatment memorable.
— Deb Arunava, CEO Boch & Fernsh Inc. 13 February 2015
I have suffered pain and stiffness in my knees for years and it has worsened in the past few months. During my first session at Discovery Pilates Studio, Keath took a detailed history of what was bothering me and tailored the session specifically to address my stiff knee. I was thrilled that after that initial session I could bend my knee with much less pain and an added bonus was the pain in my lower back (which I had accepted as an occupational hazard) had eased up significantly. All in one session! Now, a session with Keath and his team is a must to relax and unwind. My entire family go for group sessions every Sunday. it’s a great way to keep fit and have fun!
— - Dr Fauziah Yunus, Klinik Pergigian Fauziah
I suffered the worst sport injury ever in my life and it just freaked me out! I could not bend my body, squat or even sit comfortably. I knew that it would affect my daily life. By just doing an hour of Pilates for 2 sessions, my pain was substantially relieved. What surprised me the most was that my condition can be cured without resorting to mainstream medication. It overturned my firm belief that medical treatment such as Chiropractic or Traditional Chinese Medicine is a must for the nature of my injury.
— Chia Swee Yik, Messrs Lim & Chia
Thank you to Keath with his extensive, powerful knowledge of the body, for helping my sprained back to recover mid-tournament. Thank you for showing me useful lower back exercises to recover post-game. A good Pilates session afterwards with Aina helped with the healing process very quickly, which would have taken longer otherwise.
— Gregory Lawrence Bain, Art Illustrator

Pilates is for me a great experience especially in this studio. I am a yoga practitioner and Pilates works in a really good combination with yoga. I suffer from lower back problems but when I leave my class, I feel happy because my pains are less. I feel that I have more space in my body and energy is flowing. Keath, my instructor is great and very professional. I come from Paris to train with him!
— Leoni Valerie

Pilates has helped me with my posture. I now stand straight and rarely hunch. I have slipped disc. With Pilates I do not have to wear/use the back belt. I would highly recommend it to people who not just suffer from back aches but to those who just want to improve one’s general well-being as I feel stronger and lighter after every session.
— Allison Wong

I came to Pilates after a period of physiotherapy following an ankle operation. Keath has worked patiently with me to continue the healing process and to re-engage the parts of my legs that suffered from the lack of use when I was suffering so much pain. The process has been enjoyable and I have noticed an improvement in my general physical condition, not to mention my legs, knees and ankles. I would definitely recommend Pilates as an all-round fitness program, to both young and old (I am 70 years of age!)
— Susan Nelson

Thanks Keath for the Pilates experience. Now I have a better understanding of what exercise is. Most people feel tired after exercise and need to take further rests. And it defeats the purpose of exercise. This is the first time in 60 years I discover the real feeling and purpose of exercise. One should not feel tired but instead have more energy for the day. Now i know what Pilates is!! Once again, thank you very much Keath.
— Mr Chen, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.
I would highly recommend Pilates in every sense. It is good for the body and the mind. I arrived in KL with chronic back pain and after an applied program at Discovery along with physiotherapy and massage, I have practically no lower back pain. The teaching of Pilates in breathing and muscle control is something which works in everyday life.

The staff at Discovery are highly qualified physiotherapists and teachers. I cannot speak highly enough of them all. They are professional and highly dedicated to their work.

My only regret is that I am moving back to Europe and will not be able to continue to experience their excellent programs and sessions.
— Sharon O'nion, Retired Registered Nurse

Keath 你好,谢谢你介绍皮拉提斯给我和我的家人。真是非常有趣!让我们开眼界了!尝试皮拉提斯之前,我一直认为皮拉提斯是女人的玩意。但是,我跟母亲和妹妹试了你的一场免费的皮拉提斯课后,我改观了。我发现皮拉提斯可以很容易,但也可以很困难。这是看做皮拉提斯的人想要挑战自己的身体多少。皮拉提斯特别之处是在于它着重又慢又柔顺的动作,类似太极般。和太极不同的是,这些动作可以做的非常吃力,看乎做的人想训练自己的肌肉多少。柔中带钢,这使到人可以锻炼肌肉,又可以避免受伤。加上皮拉提斯有很多不同的训练设备/仪器,比自己做还来得安全。我母亲就是因为安全才开始的。我呢,对皮拉提斯又爱又恨。恨的是每次那些动作让我的肌肉燃烧起来般同。我从来不知道我有那些肌肉,更不知道原来在那边会痛。爱的是做完皮拉提斯后的那种感觉,肌肉一整天酸酸弱弱的。我知道这种感觉是我肌肉变强壮的预兆。下次我做同样的动作是,会稍微容易点。

我喜欢去 Discovery Pilates Studio,我会介绍给我的朋友!

                                                     - 钱伟能, 信兴祥参茸行(1956) Soon Hing Cheong (1956) Ginseng Sdn Bhd

Great insights on the proper Pilates techniques for beginners as well as to those who want to refresh their memories.
— Stefanie Choong
The studio is really nice with really friendly staff. Definitely would recommend this place for those who would like to know more about Pilates.
— Mardiana Mior Alias
Class was superb. I left feeling rejuvenated and more knowledgeable on the correct postures and how to relieve certain pains.
— Sabrina Seah Ming Fei
Really good for posture correction and building core strength.
— Lucinda Chan Shiau Hwei
It was amazing how much my posture had improved in an hour!
— Lee Joo Khim
— Dara Chin
Aina is a star! Integrated physio into the workout.
— Cara Kamaruddin
I love Yoko! She’s such an inspiration!
— Ezza Afiqa
Eman is very good in guiding newbie like me. Looking forward to learning more.
— Chong Wei Leong